Music Lessons

Tempo Music and Art (13)

Guitar, Bass and More!

We have some amazing guitar instructors offering lessons for all levels of students, from absolute beginners to those looking to improve their mad sweep picking skills. We also have top notch instructors available for bass, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin lessons.


Whether you are hoping to raise the next Mozart or just wanting to offer your child the gift of music education, piano is a great instrument to begin their musical journey. Piano is also a wonderful instrument for learning music theory and composition. Our instructors tailor lessons to the individual students’ needs. We offer lessons in all things piano and keyboard related.


Drums and Percussion

We offer dedicated lesson rooms for both acoustic and electric drums where students can learn by mirroring instructors with matching kits. Before you know it, you will be playing paradiddles and flam paradiddle diddles with ease. We can also help with learning percussion instruments for everything from marching band to Latin percussion.

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The human voice is perhaps the most versatile of all the musical instruments.   No instrument can match the nuance, expressiveness and power of our own breath.  We have some truly amazing voice teachers and coaches that can help you tap into your instrument by freeing your natural voice and engaging the power within you. We welcome voices of all ages and ability for instruction.



Some of the best strings instructors Tucson has to offer are available for lessons at Tempo Music and Arts Academy. We can help with violin, viola, cello, double bass. Our instructors can help with younger students picking up their first instrument, beginning orchestra students, advanced study students or those who want to play fiddle.

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Many band and orchestra students are looking for extra help with flute, clarinet, saxophone and oboe. We can help supplement school programs with personalized lessons designed to accelerate the growth of the student. We also have instructors for the more advanced players looking to hone their techniques.

Close up of a child playing a trumpet


From trumpet to tuba, we provide quality instruction for brass instruments. For beginning students, we emphasize the importance of reading music and the basic techniques involved with the instrument of choice. For intermediate students, we go beyond the basics by teaching more complex rhythms and chart reading. We also prepare students for band programs by giving them the necessary skills to succeed and perform within a group setting. For more advanced players, we provide professional tools to help the student reach particular goals.


We work with accomplished songwriters, arrangers and producers as instructors who are here to help you write with strength and clarity in your own unique voice. You’ll explore tools and techniques to help craft songs to reach their full potential.

Audio Engineering

HotSoundZ is our in-house professional and educational recording studio. We have top-notch engineers, producers and techs that can help with instruction on many subjects like DAWs, hardware and software instruments, mic placement, post-production, mixing, mastering and many other skills involved with recording arts and sound reinforcement.