HotSoundz Studios

About HotSoundZ

Want to record a demo or produce your next album? How about making a recording with your family band or tracking your progress by recording your lessons? We can help with that and much more. Our recording studio is located inside Tempo Music and Arts Academy. We can record your lesson or performance from any of our lesson rooms or the event room and our studio control room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for production and education. We offer specialty instrument rentals to put your recording over the top and HotSoundZ Audio Services has audio engineers and sound reinforcement equipment available for hire off-site. We’re here to educate as well.  We offer classes and seminars for all aspects of music production.  Contact us for details.

Audio Engineering Lessons

HotSoundZ is a working and educational studio. We can help you learn the tools and techniques needed to make great recordings. Looking for help understanding MIDI, MADI, DANTE, DAWs, Plug-ins, routing, mixing, mastering, signal-chain, sidechains, sound reinforcement...? Lessons are tailored to your needs, and we have state of the art equipment to make learning more accessible and more enjoyable. Contact us for details.

Record Your Music Lessons

Having a recording of your music lessons to refer to is a great tool to accelerate your rate of growth. We have the capability of recording from any of our lesson rooms so you can add a recording plan to your monthly lessons or purchase an individual session recording for that important lesson. Contact us for more details.

Record Your Project

We are equipped to record any project from an audiobook to a power trio to a ten-piece salsa band. HotSoundZ has state-of-the-art facilities to capture and produce your best performances. Contact us to book studio time.

Record Your Family Band

Families that share a love for music can start making their own music together by forming a family band. How great would it be to have a recording to share with the grandparents? We can help you with instrumentation, arranging, performance coaching, songwriting or song selection, whatever you need to make a recording you can cherish for generations.

Produce your song

Inspiration struck and you’ve written lyrics or a riff, maybe you have some beats or maybe your song is ready to share. We can record and produce your work and if you need help with session players, co-writers, arrangers or any other aspect of making your song a reality, we’ve got you covered.

Sound Reinforcement

HotSoundZ offers in-house and mobile p.a. services for hire. We have fully equipped rehearsal space available on an hourly basis or we can come to you with enough gear and staff to run the sound for your event. Contact us for details.

Gear Rental

Sometimes a special piece of gear can put your recording over the top. Would that riff sound amazing with a Sitar guitar or maybe a Ric 12 for the chorus? We have some iconic instruments available for studio rental. Let's talk gear!

Music Lessons